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Introduction of Chinese Journal of Electron Devices

Chinese Journal of Electron Devices is an academic journal sponsored by Southeast University,charged by the Chinese Ministry of Education.It was first published in 1978,now it is published as a bimonthly journal of big 16 format with domestic and international public distribution. It is aimed at promoting the academic exchanges and information dissemination,and making contributions to China's electronics industry development.

According to the column,Chinese Journal of Electron  Devices is divided into several parts as follows:Semiconductor Devices,Electro-Optic Light and Lighting Techniques,Electron Display Technology,Vacuum Microelectronics,Electronic Components and Materials,Microelectronics and Integrated Circuits,Sensing Technology,Infrared Technology,Semiconductor Physics Technology,Microwave Electronics,Optical Fiber Technology,Low-Temperature Electronics,Vacuum Technique,Gas Discharge,Thin Films Science and Technology,Surface Analysis Techniques,Application of Electronic Techniques and so on.

In domestic,Chinese Journal of Electron Devices is included in  Chinese Radio Electronics  Abstracts,China Electronic Science Abstracts,Chinese Science Citation Database,Chinese Journal Net,Chinese Academic Journal-CD,China Info- Digitizing Periodicals and Chinese Core Journals Database. In overseas,it is included in SA(Science Abstracts Series) of England and CA(Chemical Abstracts) of America. And also,it was included in INSPEC of England in 2004.

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